Adhesive Conductive Binder for Battery Electrodes


Researchers at WSU have developed a high-performance hybrid conductive adhesives (HCA), which showed strong adhesion properties, high ionic and electric conductivities and good elasticity.


Energy storage devices are in desperate need of high-performance binder materials that can maintain good/stable contact among all the components and at the same time, transport ions and/or electrons efficiently. The properties of HCA was demonstrated to solving the interfacial issues for not only the current commercial electrode materials, but also the new high-performance electrode materials, such as silicon and sulfur. The use of HCA as the binder for electrode particles will finally give rise to various "soft" integrated electrodes with stable contact among different components, which will remarkably improve the overall device performances.


Applications and Advantages

•       Multi-functional binders for various electrode particles

•       Unsurpassed adhesion properties, electrical conductivity, ionic conductivity and elasticity in combination

•       Versatile, easy for upscale fabrication


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Scott Steiger
Associate Director
Washington State University
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Reference No: 1488


Yu Wang
Weihong Zhong

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