Ultra-Trace Level F-element Pre-concentration Sensor/Electrode


The ability to identify and quantitate the relative abundance of f-block elements present in environmental and industrial samples is of critical importance to national security. Current methods are slow, labor intensive and cannot be easily integrated into industrial systems. As reprocessing technologies become common within the nuclear industry the ability to accurately inventory materials on site in real time represents a key enabling technology for safe and secure operations. With over 400 nuclear power plants in operation, another 60 under construction and 500 in planning worldwide there is a clear need for agile technologies that provide a facile means for material inventory. WSU scientists have developed a low-cost, portable instrumentation and methods for rapid separation and quantitation of f-block elements to meet this need.


Applications and Advantages

This WSU invention is simple, quicker than existing techniques, and mercury-free procedure for pre-concentrating trace level trivalent f-elements from bulk aqueous solution that allows for follow on separation and detection.


IP Status

US patent application



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Punam Dalai
Technology Licensing Associate
Washington State University
Reference No: 1151-OC


Paul Schumacher
Sue Clark
James Schenk

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