Synthesis of Mesoporous Calcium Silicate for Controlled Release of Protein or Drug


This WSU invention relates to mesoporous calcium silicate compositions and methods for producing mesoporous calcium silicate for controlled release of bioactive agents. Bioactive agents can include protein growth factors, pharmaceutical drugs, antibiotics, antimicrobial agents, and polypeptides just to name a few potential agents. With this technologies, novel method of controlled release coupled with the pluripotency of available bioactive agent, make it so this technology has multiple applications.

The mesoporous calcium silicate is modified via acid to generate calcium silicate particles that has demonstrated an increased ability to adsorb bioactive agents compared to unmodified calcium silicate particles. Additionally, modified particles have been shown to have a predictable and quantifiable controlled release of a bioactive agent. Making this a controllable platform technology that can be tailored to a given need.

Applications and Advantages

•       Increased bioavailable of a selected active agent

•       Novel drug delivery

•       Multiple applications, notably promoting bone ingrowth and/or repair in implants

•       Platform Technology

IP Status

Issued Patent 8,916,198


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Scott Steiger
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Washington State University
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Reference No: 0935-OIPA-OC


Susmita Bose
Amit Bandyopadhyay
Weichang Xue

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