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2-Oxoglutaramic acid and pro-drugs thereof

2-Oxoglutaramic acid and pro-drugs thereof


Unmet Need: Economical and safe methods to synthesize 2-OGM

The compound 2- Oxoglutaramate (2-OGM) has substantial agriculture uses as plant growth regulator. It is related to 2- Oxoglutarate (KG), which is a key intermediate in TCA cycle and other pathways. Despite being an important compound, its study has been limited due to the absence of a method for its synthesis in pure form. 

The Technology: A Non-enzymatic and synthetic three step approach.

Researchers at WSU have developed a non-enzymatic and synthetic strategy for the preparation of 2-OGM and its pro-drugs. They have used a three step approach to synthesize mono and di-substituted OGM from KG. These synthesized OGM analogues are stable and will facilitate to study mitochondrial metabolism as it relates to cancer and other neurological disorders. Researchers have also characterized new chemical entities by proton nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), Carbon NMR and High resolution mass spectrometry.


•       Pro drug for the treatment of cancer and other neurological disorders.


•       The OGM analogues prepared by this method are quite stable as compared to those synthesized conventionally.

•       They are also easy to scale-up

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