Power Systems Global Voltage Security Assessment


WSU has developed and continues to research tools for power grid management by generation and distribution system operators, to increase electrical security, reliability, and resilience.  Beyond the traditional voltage security assessment methods like V-P curve and Q-V curve, this invention provides a fast computation method based on power flow to indicate a global voltage security assessment index.  Built on the understanding of line sensitivity, this kind of index is able to describe the current system operation status and mark the weakest bus for remediation.

Applications and Advantages:

Simple and fast computation method based on power flow analysis;

Real-time monitoring, load margin estimation, and voltage collapse prevention;

Cost effective and resource efficient.

Intellectual Property Protection: 

Issued Patent, US 8,788,244

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Karin Biggs
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Washington State University
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Vaithianath Venkatasubramanian
Xing Liu

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