Environmentally-Friendly Cement Binder

 Unmet Need: Green Fly-Ash Cement Materials 

Currently the Cement Manufacturing US Market is roughly a $10B annual revenue market with a recent growth of 5.7% annually. What is currently lacking in this market is the use of cost-effective and environmentally friendly materials that can help reduce existing waste. In addition, there is an environmental need to reduce the amount of coal fly ash (CFA) from the waste stream. 64% of CFA sits in landfills, which affects the overall environment because it cannot be easily disposed.   

The Technology: Pure Fly-Ash Cement Mixture

A low-reactive Class C Fly Ash (CFA) binder with chemical activators to form a strong mortar at room temperature. The CFA Mixture has a 28-d compression strength of 5000 psi. In addition, WSU’s CFA binder maintains a similar profile to Portland cement thus providing a cheaper and less caustic alternative produced with less energy inputs to manufacturer while maintaining necessary performance parameters.


  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions
  • Aids groundwater and mitigates flooding due to its porous nature 


  • Cement Manufacturing
  • Commercial Building Materials

Patent Information:

US Patent Number 15/753,534 Granted on 5/12/2020


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