Office of Commercialization  Molecular Supracence based technologies
Molecular Supracence based technologies

Molecular Supracence based technologies


Unmet Need: Lack of scientific theory to support certain linear process.

The current view of molecules governed by modern principles has limitations, and thus scientific scopes outside of principle-restricted areas are not explored due to such a restricting blindfold. Certain linear processes were considered impossible with existing theories. A new branch of science was created to measure molecularly emitted photons with more energy than absorbed photons in linear optical processes.

The Technology: Supracence phenomena 

The inventors at WSU applied theory regarding energy exchange between quantum bonding and molecular potential to predict supracence phenomena, in which the emitted photons have more energy than the absorbed photons. The extra energy comes from coupling to the potential energy of the molecule. Supracence is a linear optical process unlike nonlinear optic processes like second harmonic generation. Because supracence results in cooled molecules, behavior opposite of hot fluorescing emitters is expected.



•       Supracence spectrometers, supracence microscopes.

•       Supracence-based flow cytometry.



•       This new scientific field opens many new technologies.

•       This made possible processes which were impossible with previous theories.


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