Molecular Supracence based technologies

Unmet Need: Enhanced spectral resolution in fluorescence imaging


Fluorescence based technologies are the current method of choice for minimally invasive imaging. However, the fluorescence imaging is limited to about four colors since it lacks wavelength multiplexing due to exceedingly broad bands. This issue is unresolvable within the fluorescence principle due to the multiple pathways for emitting fluorescence within a single molecule. There is a tremendous need for technologies which can offer superior spectral resolution in molecular spectroscopy and microscopic imaging. 

The Technology:  

Inventors at WSU have recently discovered a light-molecule interacting phenomenon, termed supracence, that utilizes excitation specificity to produce a sharp spectral edge resulting from a single luminescence pathway to produce narrow bands. Supracence is a linear optical process which uses phonons in combination with lower energy excitation to produce higher energy emission, rather than a nonlinear optical process such as second harmonic generation. The excitation specificity allows for the resolution of multiple fluorophores with Stokes shifts as little as 32 nm apart. The use of supracence-based spectroscopy enables analysis of up to eight different fluorescent dyes within the narrow range of 300 nm, enabling live-cell imaging with higher resolution. Current fluorescence-based technologies typically afford resolution up to 4 different dyes.


  • Supracene-based molecular spectroscopy and microscopic imaging offering superior spectral resolution
  • Supracence-based flow cytometry
  • Supracence spectrometers, supracence imaging microscopes
  • Develop in-vivo imaging systems (IVIS)



  • Supracence offers superior spectral resolution over fluorescence
  • Analysis of up to eight different colors within the narrow range of 300 nm
  • Linear optical process
  • Live-cell imaging with higher resolution


Patent Information:

Spectroscopic measurements and super-resolution imaging by Supracence, US 11,435,287 B2, September 6th,2022.

Published Manuscripts:

Molecular Supracence Resolving Eight Colors in 300-nm Width: Unprecedented Spectral Resolution. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.2020,59, 21915–21919

Discovery of a New Light–Molecule Interaction: Supracence Reveals What Is Missing in Fluorescence Imaging. Angew.Chem.Int.Ed.2019,58,13739–13743

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