Wheat Variety 'Stingray CL+' (WA8275), Soft White Winter Wheat


Stingray CL+ (WA8275CL+) is a soft white winter wheat with 2-gene resistance to the herbicide Imazamox, developed and released in 2019 by the Agricultural Research Center of Washington State University. Stingray CL+ has excellent resistance to Imazamox herbicide applications under recommended label rates. This cultivar provides a combination of broad adaptability, excellent grain yield potential, high test weight, good end-use quality, and disease resistance. Stingray CL+is adapted to the broad dryland production regions of Washington and Northern Oregon. The excellent agronomic and disease package of Stingray CL+, along with resistance to Imazamox, makes it an ideal cultivar for growers looking to control weeds and maximize profits on their farms.



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Deah McGaughey
Technology Licensing Associate
Washington State University
(509) 335-9502
Reference No: Plant Var-19/3288


Arron Carter
Gary Shelton
Adrienne Burke
Kerry Balow
Kyall Hagemeyer

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