Size-Adjustable Functional Maternity Hospital Gowns

Unmet Need: Comfortable Maternity Hospital Gowns

Labor and delivery are important markets in healthcare and there is increasing demand for quality maternal health services. There is particular interest in the availability of functional, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing maternity hospital gowns. According to a survey of over 500 postpartum women conducted by the inventors, currently available gowns are considered uncomfortable and in great need of improvement. Providing superior hospital gown options for women would greatly improve patient experience, comfort, and well-being.


The Technology: Size Adjustable Functional Maternity Gowns

With this goal in mind, the inventors set out to design a functional and comfortable maternity hospital gown that fits the needs of the patients and the practitioners. This gown is the culmination of focus group interviews conducted with 23 hospital birthplaces and the final design was evaluated by over 500 women and 42 birthing practitioners.  The result is a two-piece stretchy gown that can adjust to fit body sizes from dress size 4 to 40. A convenient side pocket allows patients to keep small items like cell phones close by. The top features underlying nursing breast pad insert pockets and crisscrossed, overlapping panels to make nursing a new infant easier and less stressful. The design maintains the convenience of the skirt while the two-piece feature allows for better coverage, even during procedures. The top can also be completely unsnapped on either shoulder for further medical access.



•       Hospitals and maternity clinics



•       This non-complex design makes patient comfort a priority

•       The stretchy material and elastic waist allow it to adjust to wide range of sizes.

•       The crisscrossed overlapping panels helps nursing mothers.

•       A side pocket in the gown allows patients to keep belongings close by


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Design patent accepted


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