Trackable, implantable medical device for diagnostic data delivery.

Unmet Need: Accurate and efficient wireless communication with instrument in human body.

Minimally invasive catheter based endovascular and intracardiac procedures play an increasingly critical role in modern medicine and are used to treat a wide array of medical conditions encompassing the clinical fields of interventional radiology (IR), cardiology (CC) and electrophysiology (EP). Instrument tracking or navigation capabilities and ability to deliver therapy and retrieve diagnostic information are essential components required for this technology.

The Technology: System and method of wirelessly operating and communicating instrument in human body.

The proposed technology pertains to a method, apparatus and system for wirelessly powering, sending and receiving information from a medical instrument in the body for multiple purposes including locating an instrument within the body, sensing physiological parameters, and electrically stimulating an organ such as the heart.


•        Medical procedures in the fields of interventional radiology (IR), cardiology (CC) and electrophysiology (EP).


•       Less attenuation as compared to RF communication.

•       More accurate transfer of information to and from the instrument.

Patent Information:

Provisional patent application filed.


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Rabindra Nanda
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Washington State University
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Reference No: TECH-19/3212


Subhanshu Gupta
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