Software Application for Crop and Pest Management in Africa

Challenge:  Update farmers about emerging management techniques and pest control

Farmers in Africa are sometimes uninformed on modern farm practices and technologies.  Language and literacy challenges make it difficult to spread information on pests and the results of academic research.  Existing information tools often rely on active internet access and reading skills, leaving farmers behind and food production stunted.

The Technology:  A software application acting as virtual assistant to farmers

Researchers at WSU present an audio-visual mobile application called CornBot.  It interacts with farmers in their local languages to identify, control and manage insect pests.  Using image-based question and answer format, it helps engage and empower farmers with the information needed to combat pests and optimize productivity.  It also aggregates data on local prevalence of pest providing stakeholders (e.g., crop insurers) with real-time data necessary for formulating evidence-based policies and intervention on emerging pests.


•       Inform farmers about emerging trends in pest management through user friendly software application

•       Collect data


•       Local language options and audio-visual format

•       On- and off-line functionality

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Deah McGaughey
Technology Licensing Associate
Washington State University
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Reference No: Software-20/3311


Cornelius Adewale
Lynne Carpenter-Boggs

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