Office of Commercialization  Broad Spectrum Antiviral Against Enveloped Viruses
Broad Spectrum Antiviral Against Enveloped Viruses

Broad Spectrum Antiviral Against Enveloped Viruses


Broad Spectrum Antiviral Against Enveloped Viruses

Unmet Need: Effective strategies to control Enveloped Viruses.

Many of the leading world health problems are caused by viruses. Specifically, enveloped viruses are responsible for some of the most widespread, difficult to treat and highest-concern afflictions for humans such as HIV, herpes, influenza and hepatitis. What is needed is a broad spectrum antiviral that works on the enveloped membrane to disable all enveloped viruses indiscriminately. Using the envelope as a target drastically reduces any chances of resistance building up, as the mechanism of inhibition is not dependent on interactions with specific viral proteins. If we were able to disrupt the envelope of these viruses they would lose their infectious profile. Currently, a top broad spectrum antiviral is LJ001. LJ001 acts on the viral membrane as well, but through the creation of oxygen radicals in the membrane that disrupt membrane stability. LJ001 is light dependent, which is required for oxygen radical production and limits its potential uses.

The Technology: Sulfur-based broad-spectrum antiviral. 

Researchers at WSU have discovered a new broad-spectrum, sulfur-based antiviral against enveloped viruses named XM-01. XM-01 is not light-dependent, and has very low cytotoxicity (CC50/EC50 ~ 1000). It interacts directly with the envelope of the virus, so the composition of the viral glycoproteins does not determine the compounds reactive profile – e.g. it will attack all enveloped viruses, regardless of type. Comparative data between LJ001 and XM-01 show similar and absolute viral inhibition, with XM-01 not having the same light-dependence. Due to the efficacy, mode of action, broad-spectrum properties and improvements upon LJ001 that XM-01 has, researchers believe that XM-01 could be the next big story in terms of prevention and control of enveloped viruses.


Antiviral therapeutic drugs


  • Broad-spectrum antiviral that acts against all enveloped viruses
  • Low cytotoxicity – EC50/C50 ~ 1000
  • Non-light dependent improvement upon current standard LJ001 while maintaining comparative antiviral results

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