Grid Control for Unknown Resonance Events (CURE)

Unmet Need: Detection and damping of resonance events in a power grid

Complex electric distribution systems cannot be perfectly modeled to reflect every duty cycle and configuration of each component which might come on-line.  Recent instances of forced oscillations in wide area networks illustrate the difficulty in quickly locating their causes, and the danger of widespread service disruptions.  Along with ongoing research aimed at speedy localization and targeted disconnects, operators and power users can benefit from active measures aimed at stopping forced oscillations of unknown origin.


The Technology: Canceling forced oscillation events by injecting active signals into the grid

This closed-loop control method uses existing phasor measurement unit (PMU) data to detect events of unknown origin and inject curative active signals from a variety of sources such as static VAR compensators and synchronous generators. Signal characteristics are tuned iteratively based on feedback from PMUs, without service disruption.



  • Controlling unknown resonance events in a power grid


  • The source of the unknown forced oscillation need not be known
  • Uses readily available power system measurements

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Non-provisional US patent application pending/published.


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Vaithianath Venkatasubramanian
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