Vocal monitoring and biofeedback device.

Unmet Need: Personal therapeutic device for speech therapy.

Speech pathologies affect millions of Americans, and are characterized by symptoms such as: variable speech rate, voice problems (hoarseness, tremulousness, etc.), as well as reductions in vocalization and respiratory capacity as it relates to volume and vowel articulation. Management for such disorders typically consists of multiple commutes to in-office therapy from a speech-language pathologist which can mean expensive sessions. Regaining vocal presence can be a pivotal milestone in regaining the ability to communicate, socialize, and participate in healthy lifestyle activities. Lack of treatment eventually increases pathology. Currently a therapeutic device for personal/home is lacking that can augment treatment between office or therapy visits.

The Technology: Processing speech and voice through an external wearable device

To address this gap in access to care, a small, wearable computer is developed. This computer records and processes certain speech and vocal features known to be important to identification, treatment, and evaluation of persons with disordered speech.  The device collects day-long data recordings for off-line processing and evaluation, and provides real-time biofeedback to the user.


•       Aid for people having health issues like Parkinson’s disease, aphasia, dysarthria.

•       Assistance for those recovering from stroke, traumatic brain injury, oral or laryngeal surgeries.


•       Provides easy at-home access to speech therapy.

•       Eases communication and socialization for people recovering from  major health issues.

Patent Information:

Issued United States Patent No. US10314529B2.


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