BLINK™: Quickly Enhance Your Success to Map Genes

BLINK-genome analysis

BLINK™ implemented state of art algorithms developed by Zhiwu Zhang Lab, a lab of Statistical Genomics at Washington State University for the development of statistical methods and computing tools to promote genomic research. BLINK™ was designed to conduct Genome-Wide Association Studies (GWAS) in a timely fashion to fully realize the potential values of your data. Both real and simulated data analyses demonstrated that BLINK improves statistical power compared to existing methods and also achieves an extremely high computing efficiency. Please see the details of the method published by Giga Science.

BLINK™ trial version

The free trial version can be download at the BLINK™ website: . The trial version has limitations on number of data points, which is the number of individuals multiplied by the number of genetic markers.

Demo program (limited to 50 milling data points)
Linux Apple (Intel) Windows


Purchasing BLINK™

A license for the unrestricted BLINK™ executable programs, or the source code can be obtained by contacting the Office of Commercialization at Washington State University.  Please contact Eric Wannamaker for details (Email:

Maximum data points 50 Million 50 Billion Unlimited
Single CPU Free $999 $1999
Multiple CPU Free $1999 $2999
Multiple GPU Free $2999 $3999


Technical support

Comprehensive support documents, including this user manual, demonstration scripts, data, and results, are available at the BLINK™ website. Users can post questions and comments at the BLINK™ forum: . You can also contact Meng Huang ( for technical questions. 

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