Unmet Need: Efficient mechanism for coupling tubes

A variety of applications involve coupling tubes or other similar devices to facilitate the transport of various fluids.  Existing mechanisms for coupling such components together include clamps, connectors, adhesives and are not efficient particularly in circumstances wherein access to the components being connected is restricted.  One example: new construction or retrofit plumbing in tight spaces.

The Technology: Apparatus for coupling tubes, pipes, conduits, ducts, or other similar devices

The system for coupling tubes, pipes, conduits, ducts, and similar devices includes the use of locking member and sleeves.



Household plumbing and heating systems, automotive systems, aerospace systems, and industrial systems.


  • A simple and quick coupling mechanism
  • Easy to implement tubes that do not require tools, glues, heating
  • An efficient mechanism for space-restricted environments and applications

Intellectual Property:

United States Patent No. US 8,662,540

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