Unmet Need: Easy to control riding walker

Walkers and wheelchairs are popular mobility assistance devices.  Conventional walkers typically have a stable base that provides support when the person is taking steps.  Such walkers have evolved to 4-wheel configurations including seats permitting users to rest or to be pushed by caregivers.  Although the wheeled walker greatly improves mobility for short distances, the operation is tiring for those with limited strength.  For such cases, electric wheelchairs are prescribed, but they are heavy, expensive, and remove the option of periodic exercise.

The Technology: Riding walker with a pedal drive assembly

A riding walker assembly is presented with a pedal drive assembly. The pedal drive assembly includes a support assembly to enable users to exercise their legs and a disengageable drive assembly.


  • Walking support for people with mobility issues


  • Provides additional capability of a walker with respect to speed and mobility
  • Low cost and lightweight walker
  • An easily portable device that transports an occupant at reasonable speed using minimal energy
  • Exercise for individuals with balance issues but leg capacity

Intellectual Property:

United States Patent No. US 9,051,026

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Reference No: TECH-20/3366


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