CANVASS: Cyber Attacks and Network Vulnerability Analytics Software for Smart Grid

Unmet Need: Contingency preparation and management

Quantifying the resiliency of power transmission and distribution networks is essential to determine and devise suitable control mechanisms to minimize the effects of undesirable events in the power grid. Existing management practices can handle reliability and restoration and reliability in response to isolated faults of one to two critical infrastructure components (N-1 or N-2 contingencies).  No industrial software today is capable of analysis beyond N-2 contingencies.

The Technology: Software tools for power grid cyberattack resiliency

For management of transmission systems: Cyber-Physical Transmission Resiliency Assessment and Management (CP-TRAM) provides situational awareness and decision support to operators to minimize the impact of cyberattacks by collecting physical metering measurements from electronic devices and monitoring the health conditions, network statistics, and vulnerabilities of cyber assets.

For management of distribution systems: Cyber Attacks and Network Vulnerability Analytics Software for Smart Grids (CANVASS) is designed to monitor and assimilate non-commensurate multiple operational data and meta-data to patterns in data and outliers through real-time computation of navigating paths across interdependent graphs.


  • During ongoing contingencies, these tools provide optional restorative actions that optimize money and time.
  • Post-event decision support to improve system resilience and provide offline options to perform each control action and visualize the effect on system resiliency.
  • Feed optimization parameter to other control algorithms.


  • CP-TRAM and CANVASS simplify the monitoring process to one resilience measure, which effectively encapsulates details of underlying networks.
  • Enhanced situational awareness, along with a faster and more effective return to normal operations.

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