Additive Manufacturing of Ion Selective Membranes and Electrodes

Title: Ion Selective Membranes and Electrodes


Unmet Need: Increased availability of specific membranes and electrodes

Ion selective membranes and electrodes are ubiquitous in use and are a key component of diagnostics, research, and industry. However, improvements can be made to utilize ion selective membranes and electrodes using 3D/additive manufacturing. Through the use of such techniques there can be a reduction of fabrication time, a decrease in production cost, and an increase in use and production. The current technology allows for development of cost effective and specific tools tailored to individual needs.

The Technology: Creation of specific selective membranes and electrodes through 3D/additive manufacturing

Inventors have developed a process by which particular selective membranes and electrodes can be created through the use of 3D printing or additive manufacturing. Selective membranes and electrodes are necessary for a number of applications from academic to medicinal uses. However, many factors limit the scope and ability to apply such technology such as cost, availability, selectivity, and size. Through the use of the current technology particularized membranes and electrodes are capable of being created to suit individual user needs.


  • Low cost diagnostic devices
  • Miniaturized devices
  • Sensor based technologies
  • Analytical chemistry
  • Medical devices


  • Diverse input materials
  • Adaptive 3D/additive manufacturing
  • Numerous structural materials (i.e. metal, ceramic, polymer)
  • Reduced fabrication time
  • Improved construction techniques

Patent Information:

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Punam Dalai
Technology Licensing Associate
Washington State University
Reference No: TECH-21/3412


Jeffrey Bell
Dalton Glasco
Nguyen Ho
Rhys Sopp
Art Matthew Mamaril
Francisco Leal-Yepes

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Advanced Materials
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