Fuel Cell and Electrolyzer Hotbox Modules Using Conductive Zirconia Stacks

Unmet Need: Durable materials for pressurized fuel cell cores

Solid oxide fuel and electrolyzing cells present harsh oxidizing environments for materials due to fuel reactions and the high temperatures required for efficient operations.  Metal anodes are subject to coking and delamination, and measures to reduce degradation include use of costly coatings and alloys which continue to break down under pressure.


The Technology: Fabrication method for conductive zirconia hotbox stacks

This enables modular pressurized hotboxes for use in fuel cells, reversible solid oxide electrolyzers, and oxygen transport membranes.  Dry powder method uses mixed electronic and ionic conducting compositions of vanadia-yttria and vanadia-calcia to form ceramic stacks.



•         Energy storage systems and renewable fuel production

•         Solid-state hydrogen pumping and liquefaction



•         Durability in pressurized fuel cell cores

•         Decreased fabrication cost


Intellectual Property:

Pending U.S. patent application, published here.

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