Medium for Culture of Mammalian Cell Lines

Title: Interstitial Fluid-modeled Medium (IFmM) for Culture of Mammalian Cell Lines


Unmet Need: Novel Interstitial Fluid Media to Mimic Physiological Condition

There exists a need for a nutrient medium media that mimics the qualities of interstitial fluid to allow for growth of tissue cultures under physiological conditions similar to those in live models. Therefore, a need exists for a eukaryotic cell culture media to provide for nutrient compositions that are better suited to physiological base line conditions.

The Technology: Novel Nutrient Media

The technology relates to a novel nutrient media that provides a nutrient composition similar to that of interstitial fluid (filtrate of blood serum that serves as a conduit of nutrients in cells and tissues). This physiological medium for culturing eukaryotic cells allows for cell culturing under similar conditions to that of natural growth. This cell media does not promote abnormal rapid growth, but growth that would be expected under natural conditions.


  • Tissue Growth
  • Physiological Studies on Tissue
  • Enables Dissection of Specific Component Roles
  • Enables Dissection of Specific Nutrients


  • Mimics nutrient composition of interstitial fluid
  • Conduit for nutrients in tissues
  • Allows dissecting of specific components/nutrients.
  • Allows for realistic cell grow under physiological conditions

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