Nano-Modified Waterproof Sealers and Methods for Concrete Preservation

Unmet Need: Prevents aging of and damage to concrete in harsh environments

Commercial surface treatments have demonstrated limited ability to protect concrete from salt scaling and thus extend the service life of concrete pavements, bridge decks, etc. Based on their functions, surface treatments are often divided into the following categories: barrier coatings, hydrophobic impregnation coatings, and pore blockers. Current curing aids, such as acrylics, tend to form a film on the surface of concrete, hindering the subsequent use of penetrating sealers for the preservation of concrete structures.

The Technology: Synergistic combination of nano-materials to engineer the surface chemistry of cementitious materials

The inventors have developed a sealer that utilizes nano-materials to achieve each of the three common protection methods. The sealer is engineered to have a high pozzolanic reactivity, which reacts with the alkaline sealer base to refine the microstructure of mortar matrix, and achieve significantly lower water absorption, lower gas permeability, and better resistance to salt scaling and UV aging. The nano-modified sealer can effectively mitigate the ingress of both liquid water and water vapor into natural stone, mortar, or concrete and reduce the need for regular maintenance.


  • Curing aid plus penetrating sealer in one product
  • Offers durable structure protection and waterproofing
  • Protects natural stone, mortar or concrete structures in extreme climates, water or moisture


  • Prevents absorption of water and reduces the risk of freeze/thaw and salt scaling
  • Prevents ingress of gaseous phases such as CO2 and moisture
  • Provides the surface with resistance to UV aging and wear


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Rabindra Nanda
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Washington State University
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Reference No: TECH-22/3442


Xianming Shi
Zhipeng Li

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