Deep Eutectic Solvents based Electrochemical devices

Unmet Need: Liquid electrolyte suitable for a range of electrochemical devices

Liquid electrolytes are widely used in most electrochemical devices and should have wide operating temperature window, high ionic conductivity, low viscosity, wide electrochemical stability window, non-flammability, and low cost. However, conventional liquid electrolytes cannot meet all the requirements mentioned above. For example, commercial lithium-ion battery electrolytes are highly flammable, ionic liquid electrolytes have high viscosity and poor lithium-ion transference number, and high-concentration electrolyte may have poor low-temperature performance because of salt precipitation. Therefore, the need for novel electrolytes suitable for electrochemical devices exists.

The Technology: Using deep eutectic solvents as electrolytes for applications in electrochemical devices

WSU researchers present an electrolyte termed as localized deep eutectic solvent (LDES) utilizing an aprotic deep eutectic solvent (DES) and an inert diluent. The inert diluent helps reduce the viscosity of the conventional deep eutectic solvents. The electrolyte presented herein contains multiple useful characteristics enabling its practical applications in electrochemical devices.


  • Advanced electrolyte for electrochemical devices such as supercapacitors, batteries, and sensors.


  • Electrolyte with low viscosity, wide electrochemical stability window, low flammability, high lithium-ion transference number, decent ionic conductivity, and wide temperature range.

Patent Information:

Provisional patent application has been filed.

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Punam Dalai
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Xiahui Zhang
Min Kyu Song

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