Smart Home Recognition of Multiple Residents

Unmet Need: Smart Home Optimization for Multiple Residents
Smart environments show great promise for use in medical monitoring, energy efficiency, and ubiquitous computing applications. Realization of truly smart environments requires the development of robust methods that can be applied to real world settings, to interpret data from the sensing elements present in the environment. Most research to date, however, handle cases where there is only one resident in the space at a time.
This Technology: Tracking and Activity Recognition in Multi-Entity Environments
This invention provides a number of artificial intelligence tools to address issues of multiple residents within a smart home or other environment using environmental sensors.  In particular, it includes computer-implemented algorithms to estimate the number of individuals in the environment, to track the individuals, and to use this information to boost the performance of activity recognition algorithms amidst a multi-resident setting.
  • Automation and activity-prompting in assisted-care facilities
  • Multiple resident smart homes
  • Individualized recognition and response
  • Reduced need for worn sensors
Intellectual Property:
Issued Patent, US 9,460,350 

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Karin Biggs
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Diane Cook
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