Neutrophil-mediated Delivery of Nanocrystal Drugs Enhances Cancer Therapy

Unmet Need: Efficient drug delivery is crucial for successful cancer treatment

The efficient delivery of anticancer agents into tumor microenvironments is critical for successful cancer treatment, requiring drug carriers to overcome the tumor vasculature barriers and possess high drug contents. Current limitations include the limited applications of nanocrystal drugs, unable to pass tumor vasculature.

The Technology: Designed nanoparticles that can pass the tumor vasculature

Researchers have revealed nanoparticles that can effectively pass the tumor vasculature, utilizing neutrophils for transport. Their studies demonstrate significant advancements, with neutrophil-targeted nanoparticles achieving higher tumor delivery efficiencies (5% ID/g) compared to the current average (0.7%). Their studies showed that delivery of nanocrystal drugs via neutrophils is a promising method to effectively treat a variety of cancers.


  • Promising treatment for various cancer types
  • Precision delivery of nanoparticles drugs through neutrophil-targeted nanoparticles


  • Reduced side effects
  • Improved drug delivery efficiency
  • Higher tumor delivery efficiency
  • Applicable to wide range of cancer types 

Patent Information:

Provisional patent application has been filed.

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