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Cardiac Biomarker Sensing Based on Nanofluidic Amplification and Resonant Optical Detection
Abstract This invention relates to a compact, lab-on-a-chip sensor platform to detect multiple cardiac biomarkers from microliter bloods samples. Optical characterization of cardiac biomarkers in will lay the groundwork for development of novel optical devices for detection and analysis of biomedically important molecules important for disease...
Published: 10/27/2021   |   Inventor(s): Sang Han, Cornelius Ivory, Mani Hossein-Zadeh
Separation and Extreme Size-focusing of Nanoparticles Through Nanochannels Based on Controlled Electrophoritic pH Manipulation
Abstract Extreme size-focusing of nanoparticles, for instance, enables systemic studies of their physical properties, such as emission, absorption, photoelectric conversion, and photothermal conversion. This WSU invention relates to nanoparticle separation strategies based on pH manipulation in nanofluidic channels by surface charge control and controlled...
Published: 10/27/2021   |   Inventor(s): Cornelius Ivory, Danny Bottenus, Sang Han, Oh You-Jin