pH-Controlled Hydrogen Sulfide Donors

Unmet Need: Current Market Lack controllable H2S donor

Recent studies suggest that the production of endogenous H2S and the exogenous administration of H2S can exert protective effects in many pathologies. For example, H2S has been shown to relax vascular smooth muscle, induce vasodilation of isolated blood vessels, and reduce blood pressure. H2S can also inhibit leukocyte adherence in mesenteric microcirculation during vascular inflammation, suggesting that H2S is a potent anti-inflammatory molecule.

The Technology: Able to release H2S controllably, slowly and sustainably

Researchers at WSU have produced a class of phosphonamidothioate-based hydrogen sulfide (H2S) donors, which is water soluble and allows for a controllable H2S releasing. Most researchers use sodium sulfide (Na2S) and sodium hydrogen sulfide (NaHS) for controllably releasing H2S, however, the rapid release of H2S from these two donors hinder the amount of control a researcher has on there experiment. Additionally, H2S concentrations can rapidly decrease as a result of volatilization.  On the other hand, commercially available donors such as GYY4137, tend to release H2S slowly, but have almost no control over the release, limiting its physiological and research applications.

This technology by comparison, is able to release H2S in a controlled and sustainable fashion. This not only allows for multiple applications that where previously not possible given what is currently available in the market, it also has show significant cardio-protective effects. This, coupled with the excellent solubility of the compound, points to applications as a first in class pharmaceutical, that can be utilized in cardio-protection or high blood pressure.


•       Chemical Research Tool

•       H2S Donor

•       Pharmaceutical


•       Excellent solubility in aqueous solutions

•       Able to release H2S in a controlled and sustainable fashion

•       pH-controlled H2S release profiles

Patent Information:

US Patent: US20170253622A1



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Punam Dalai
Technology Licensing Associate
Washington State University
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