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Printed Three-Dimensional (3D) Passive Integrated Circuit (IC) Components

Printed Three-Dimensional (3D) Passive Integrated Circuit (IC) Components


Challenge:  Traditional IC manufacturing methods require separately manufactured components, limiting efficiency in manufacture and size.

Technology Abstract:  Printed 3D IC passive component architectures, nano-powder inks and composite material used to make them, and the associated direct-write manufacturing methods with jetting of nano-powder inks.  This invention enables critical system level integration, compaction, and components with reduced parasitics.

Applications and Advantages:  Enables low parasitic components and system level compaction by 3-D components.

Benefits include on-chip voltage regulation, on-chip electronics for chip-to-chip-communication, high performance electronic circuits for defense applications, and compaction of components for flexible electronics.   

Intellectual Property Protection:

Issued Patent, US 9,969,001 

Patent Information:
Country Serial No. Patent No. File Date Issued Date
United States PCT/US2015/064983 12/10/2015