Cardiac Biomarker Sensing Based on Nanofluidic Amplification and Resonant Optical Detection


This invention relates to a compact, lab-on-a-chip sensor platform to detect multiple cardiac biomarkers from microliter bloods samples. Optical characterization of cardiac biomarkers in will lay the groundwork for development of novel optical devices for detection and analysis of biomedically important molecules important for disease diagnosis.


This platform integrates sample preprocessing through a nanofluidic field effect transistor (FET) electrofocusing unit with resonant optical detection based on silicon microrings. The combination of immunoaffinity-based resonant optical sensing with extensive sample purification and concentration on a multi-gated FET nanochannel array is expected to produce very high sensitivities capable of quantifying even ultra-trace biomarkers.


Applications and Advantages

§   Provides a simple, quantitative, fast, high-throughput, label-free, highly targeted detection of sub-ng/ml concentrations of cardiac biomarkers

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Scott Steiger
Associate Director
Washington State University
(509) 335-7065
Reference No: 1100-OIPA-OC


Sang Han
Cornelius Ivory
Mani Hossein-Zadeh

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