Sulfur dioxide releasing agents


Sulfur dioxide has long been considered a toxic environmental pollutant and byproduct of industrial processing. But, more recently it has become evident that sulfur dioxide may also have a regulatory role in mammalian pulmonary systems. Researchers at WSU have discovered novel pharmaceutically relevant compounds that take advantage of this observation.


This novel composition of matter demonstrates both site specific release of the sulfur dioxide and is readily biologically available due to its preferable water solubility and its ability to be formulated as a salt. Applications for this compound relate to the slow and sustained release of sulfur dioxide at physiological pH to allow for a content maintenance dose concentration to be maintained.


The predominate function of this novel compound is the vasodilation properties achieved via a new mechanism of action when compared to the commonly utilized nitrogen oxide agents. The novel mechanism of action coupled with the slow release properties make this compound make for the ideal heart medication.


Applications and Advantages

•       Bio-available

•       Can be formed as a salt (Faster absorption, Effective purification)

•       Slow controlled drug release

•       Vasorelaxation coupled with directed slow release make it an ideal candidate as a heart medication

•       Potential to replace nitrogen oxide releasing agents in the market


IP Status

Patent Application Filed


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Punam Dalai
Technology Licensing Associate
Washington State University
Reference No: 1637


Zhenhua Yang
Jacob Day
Chuan Dong
Ming Xian

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