Real-time PCR primers for native yeasts of grape

Monitoring Native Yeast Populations in Vineyards

Unmet Need: Effective strategy to identify and quantify native Yeast populations

Native yeasts are part of the microbial community in grape vineyards and play roles in alcoholic fermentation and wine quality. Monitoring their populations during fermentation and after bottling is important as it will provide viticulturalists and enologists with information needed to help control spoilage and to enhance desirable wine properties.

Saccharomyces cerevisiae and wine fermentation. Photo credit: iStock.

The Technology: Real Time PCR for rapid quantification of grape yeasts

Researchers at WSU have developed real-time polymerase chain reaction (qPCR) assays for rapid quantification of seven grape yeast species or species combinations that occur in vineyards of Washington State and throughout the world. These assays will aid in species identification and monitoring of specific yeasts from cultures, vineyards, and fermentation samples.



•       In viticulture and enology labs.

•       In grape vineyards


•       Rapid identification and quantification of specific yeasts.

•       The primers designed for this assay can identify four native yeast species and 3 combinations of two yeast species.

•       This assay is useful for tracking yeasts involved in biocontrol and wine quality


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