Tailored, Non-linear Signal Modulation for Encoding Information in Multiple Dimensions

Unmet Need: Fast, multidimensional analysis of the physical, chemical, and mechanical properties of gas-phase ions, molecules, and particles 

When coupling two or more stages of on-line or off-line analysis, the second stage of analysis must be much faster than the first to adequately sample information transmitted between dimensions. When the second dimension of analysis is slower than the first, modulation of information in the first dimension is necessary to effectively encode the first dimensions information in the second or higher dimensions. However, this modulation of data can complicate and drastically increase experiment time.

The Technology: Non-linear approach to signal and molecular modulation to minimize experiment time

The inventors have developed a method to enhance the speed of data acquisition for the measurement and analysis of the physical, chemical, and mechanical properties of analytes. The invention can be utilized in the analysis of gas-phase analytes and liquid separation processes. The inventors have also developed a data-derived waveform that can be tailored to specific analytes.


  • Data acquisition
  • Mass spectrometry
  • Liquid separations
  • Analytical chemistry


  • Faster experiment times
  • Tailored waveforms for individual experiments

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Punam Dalai
Technology Licensing Associate
Washington State University
Reference No: TECH-22/3462


Brian Clowers
Elvin Cabrera
David Russell
Arthur Laganowsky

Key Words

Ion Mobility Spectrometry
Mass Spectrometry
Signal Processing