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Quantifying Police Interactions (QPI)
Title: Quantifying Police Interactions (QPI) Unmet Need: Underutilization and restriction to the Body Worn Cameras (BWC) hampers review rates, hindering intelligence gatherings and evidence identification. The limited access to BWC footage, with existing software only permitting officers to view it, has resulted in less than 5% of recordings being...
Published: 5/25/2023   |   Inventor(s): David Makin, Dale Willits, Mantz Wyrick, Peyton Urquhart, Lucas Da Silva, Zachary Barnett, Megan Parks
Keywords(s): Machine Learning, Risk Monitoring, Supervision
Deep neural network a posteriori probability detector for magnetic recording
Unmet Need:Multi-track detection for two-dimensional magnetic recording Hard disk drives (HDDs) shipped currently use one-dimensional (1D) perpendicular magnetic recording. HDD industry is approaching an areal density limit for conventional 1D magnetic recording. HDDs store only binary data, hence equalization techniques such as OFDM are not suited....
Published: 6/9/2023   |   Inventor(s): Krishnamoorthy Sivakumar, Benjamin Belzer, Jinlu Shen, Ahmed Medhat Aboutaleb
Keywords(s): Machine Learning, Two Dimensional Magnetic Recording
Interactive Therapeutic Booth with Real-time Emotional Monitoring to Improve Mental Health and Well-being
Challenge: Automated emotional recognition and environmental adaptation Mental health challenges such as post-traumatic stress, autism spectrum disorders, and aging-related cognitive decline are difficult to treat, and access to trained therapists is limited. Existing sleep and meditation pods can sooth healthy individuals, but are not capable of...
Published: 5/25/2023   |   Inventor(s): Mona Ghandi
Keywords(s): Applied Technologies, Electrical/Electronics, Empathetic therapeutics, Flexible sensor, Health and Fitness, Interactive Architecture, Interior Design, Internet of things (IoT), Machine Learning, Therapeutic Responsiveness, Wearable sensing technology