Targeting ARRDC5 for Male Contraception

Unmet Need: ARRDC5, an essential regulator of mammalian spermatogenesis

Identification of a molecule arrestin-domain containing ARRDC5 as an essential regulator of mammalian spermatogenesis, which could potentially be targeted for the development of male contraceptives. By studying mice lacking the ARRDC5 gene, inventors observed that mice were infertile due to the production of low numbers of immotile and malformed sperm. They discovered that ARRDC5 is expressed uniquely in the testicular tissue of mammalian species and plays an essential role in sperm morphogenesis.  

The Technology: Targeting ARRDC5 for Male Contraceptive development

Inventors conclude that considering the role of arrestin molecules in cellular signaling and ubiquitination, ARRDC5 could potentially be targeted for the development of male contraceptives. The other findings are inhibition of function does not alter testicular size and the gene is evolutionary conserved as a 1:1 ortholog across Mammalia.


  • Potential application for developing male contraceptive by targeting ARRDC5
  • Contribution to broader research efforts in reproductive biology
  • Potential implications for animal breeding reproductive technologies


  • Additional male contraception option
  • Improved treatment options for male fertility
  • Advancement in reproductive biology
  • Does not alter the hormone system by inactivating ARRDC5 function

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