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Methods and Compositions for Prevention and Treatment of Apicomplexan Infections
Unmet Need: Effective treatment options to combat Apicomplexan parasitic infectionsDiseases caused by apicomplexan parasites, such as cryptosporidiosis and malaria are among the most devastating to humans and their domestic animals. Ongoing discovery and development of new drugs to treat these diseases is a medical and veterinary imperative. For example,...
Published: 5/25/2023   |   Inventor(s): Roberta O'Connor, Eric Schmidt
Keywords(s): Animal Research, anti-parasitic drugs, Global Human and Animal Health, Natural products, Pharmaceutical, Therapeutics, Veterinary
Production of Complex Flavonoids
Unmet Need: Production of lipophilic methoxylated flavonoids Numerous methoxylated flavonoids exhibit pronounced bioactivities. Their biotechnological production and diversification are therefore of interest to pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries. Efforts to engineer flavonoid mechanisms have been conducted earlier but there has not been much...
Published: 6/9/2023   |   Inventor(s): David Gang, Anna Berim
Keywords(s): Biotechnology, Engineering, Natural products